Day 143

Chinese cultural presentation

Chinese cultural presentation

This lady had really cool skills in a diabolo style instrument. She held two poles with a cord between that had a spinning top on it that made a dining noise. She span it round while spinning herself on the spot in a dance as attached to the top was also a yellow dragon that looked 3 or 4 metres long that flew around her in circles!

Day 134

The blind receive sight, the l ame walk...

The blind receive sight, the lame walk...

Seeing this empty wheelchair made me wonder if this 4th blood moon every six months was a sign after all. I'm always intrigued when I see wheel chairs or disability scooters parked outside of shops too. Did they really need them? Isn't carrying shopping even more difficult than just walking? Incidentally, I saw a man cycling on a racing bike as fast as the cars behind him. Normally nothing to get excited about... Except he had just one leg!! His left leg was just a metal prosthetic way up to his hip so wasn't doing much more than spinning round for show.