Making a logo

I have always been kind of into art and design but never felt any good at it. Making something up is a whole different skill to taking photos and working with what you can already see. So when it came to thinking about having my own logo, I really struggled to imagine what would look good, suit me and be individual. It's no wonder that people (if you believe everything on the internet) pay as much as 4,000 dollars to have somebody design a logo for them!

Not everybody has that kind of money and logo generator websites are out there for anybody willing to settle for something that thousands of other people might be using around the globe. I went old school on my own logo and spent a whole day looking at designs and trying to get ideas. I have a tiny post it note pad that I used to write them down in pencil and biro. I probably lost some along the way but ended up with 22 possible candidates that I wanted to whittle down to my chosen logo.

But the weirdest thing happened as I sat down at my PC. I just typed in my name to get started and then I just went on autopilot..and within 10 minutes had the logo on this site and felt it was right. And it looks nothing like any of the sketches that I had made! It's weird how all that planning and effort just dissolves and something completely different pops out of nowhere in the end. I'm sure there's a lesson in life there though as without all that thinking already, it wouldn't have just happened. My only hope is that my subconscious hasn't pulled the image from somebody else's logo... Let me know what you think or if you've seen it somewhere else!