This is not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. Products like TVs and LCD screens are covered in millions of pixels and as they are not all guaranteed to work by the manufacturer, sometimes you just have to live with a dead one or two on your massive TV screen. The same is true for camera sensors but somehow seeing bright spots in photos that I know should be completely black irks me a lot more.

Try it with your camera. Take the lens off and put the body cap on then take a photo on a manual setting at 100 ISO for a couple of seconds. The whole image should be black. If you have any pixels on your sensor that are misbehaving you will see a bright white or red/green/blue spot. I was originally looking for ways to fix dust on photos taken before using the "Dust Delete Data" tool on my Canon, but glad I stumbled on this youtube video for beating hot pixels - How To Fix A Hot or Dead Pixel (Canon 7D & 5D & others).

After following the tip in the vid and taking another photo the same way as before and checking on my camera's screen, all of the hot pixels appear to be gone! So try it out if you have been plagued by any stuck pixels on your camera too.